How it works

So what is Caterwell?

Caterwell makes lunch at work enjoyable instead of just another part of the day’s routine.

These days, you’re too busy at work and don’t have the time to think about lunch, much less spend time going out to grab food.

Caterwell brings you a different daily menu from a local favorite restaurant with creative items, high quality ingredients, and options to eat healthy. It’s super simple – you’re notified via e-mail what’s on the daily menu in the morning, you place a quick order by a designated cutoff time, and you get your food in a personally labeled package delivered to an onsite location at lunch time.

9:00 AM Daily Menu E-Mail

11:00 AM Order Deadline

12:30 PM Delivery

Enjoy and Get Rewarded

Eatwell Rewards – Being healthier by eating healthier

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the hardest things about keeping a healthy lifestyle. It’s even harder when people are slammed with a mountain of work and need something to spice up the day.

With Caterwell’s healthy rewards platform, Eatwell Rewards, you’re incentivized to eat healthy. The healthier you eat, the more points you gain towards free meals from Caterwell.

You’ll start getting points under the Eatwell Rewards program when you sign up for an account. Refer friends to join in on the healthy deliciousness and get more points!

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