Catering done right. Give people what they want.

Caterwell offers traditional catering with a twist – let people order individually.

No more stressing about how much to order of what. Let people attending your catered event order for themselves. Once you submit your catering request and we confirm that the restaurant is available, we will create a special coupon code that you can distribute to your guests.

The coupon allows each guest to order once, up to the maximum price per head you decide (including tax). Orders must be in by midnight before the event to give the restaurant enough time to prepare the food.

Our approach provides the benefit of giving people what they actually want to eat, instead of having to piece together half sandwiches from a platter. It also makes you more confident in who is attending. At the order cutoff, we send you the final list of who has ordered. You can be pretty confident these people will actually attend given that they have place an individual order.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we can also do traditional catering platters as well.

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