Frequently asked questions

What is Caterwell?

Caterwell is making work lunches enjoyable again!

These days, people are too busy at work and don’t have the time to think about lunch, much less spend time going out to grab food.

Caterwell brings people at work a different daily menu from a local favorite restaurant with creative items, high quality ingredients, and options to eat healthy. Customers are notified via e-mail what’s on the daily menu in the morning, place a quick order by a designated cutoff time, and get their food in a personally labeled package delivered to an onsite location at lunch time.

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How are you different from OrderUp, Grubhub, or any other delivery service?

We’re glad you asked! There are many reasons why we are different (and we think better) than traditional delivery services:

  • Healthy options: We offer healthy options and reward you for choosing them!
  • Handpicked: We handpick our menus and only work with the best quality restaurant partners
  • Low stress: We take the stress out of the lunch process – our daily menu email reminds you to order lunch and after just a few clicks, you can be confident lunch will arrive at lunch time

Also, by “crowd-ordering” with a single delivery time, we are able to offer food from places that don’t normally delivery and we can do this without delivery fees or order minimums

How much does it cost?

Our service is completely free for users! By pooling orders at a specific office location and making a single delivery at lunch time, we can eliminate delivery costs and order minimums. We can also work with restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery.

Do you only offer healthy food?

Nope! We try to offer a balance menu of high quality items, ranging in terms of healthiness. However, we do reward you for choosing to eat healthy!

How will I receive my lunch?

We have a designated drop-off location at every building we service. This will be made clear during the order process and you will also receive a confirmation email once the food is delivered. Drop-off locations are generally the main security desk or pantry.

How will I know which order is mine?

All orders arrive individually bagged and labeled clearly with the customer name.

You are going to leave it at the front desk or pantry? What if someone else takes it?

All of our orders are individually bagged and labeled clearly with customer names to avoid any confusion. We have found that in office environments, people do not take food that is clearly does not belong to them. In the off chance that it happens, we will of course refund your money but we will also try to get a replacement lunch out to you as soon as possible!