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Why Bring Caterwell to Your Company?

We did some super complex analysis and figured out the happier people are at work, the more they like their jobs. We also figured out that the more people like where they work, the better they are at their jobs.

You probably wouldn’t mind offering your people high quality, healthy lunch options so they feel great and aren’t falling into food comas around 2 PM right? With Caterwell, you aren’t just bringing these options, you’re bringing a platform that incentivizes them to eat healthy through our Caterwell Healthy Rewards program (hyperlink this).

What do I have to do?

All it takes to get your company started is one initial e-mail to your employees sharing Caterwell with them and a one click option to “opt-in” to hear about what’s offered at your location. After that you get to put your feet up while we take over the heavy work of keeping “opted-in” employees aware of what’s being offered, when to order their food, where to pick it up.

Sounds awesome, want to know more?